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Nationwide Destination 2015 Fund



Investment Objective & Strategy

The Fund seeks capital appreciation and income consistent with its current asset allocation. The Fund is a “fund of funds” that invests in affiliated Nationwide Mutual Funds and unaffiliated mutual funds (including exchange-traded funds) representing a variety of asset classes tailored for investors planning to retire in, or close to, the year 2015 (“target date,” generally assumed to be when investors have reached the approximate age of 65). Currently the Fund primarily seeks both capital growth (by investing in stocks of U.S. and foreign companies) and income (by investing in bonds). 

The Fund's principal value is not guaranteed at any time, including at the target date designated in the Fund's name. For the next 20 years after the target date, the Fund's allocations to different asset classes will become progressively more conservative, with increasing emphasis on investments that provide for income and preservation of capital, and less on those offering the potential for growth.

Portfolio Management

Nationwide Fund Advisors

Benjamin A. Richer, co-portfolio manager, and Thomas R. Hickey Jr., portfolio manager, are responsible for the day-to-day management of the Fund, including selection of the Fund's investments.